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Video Creation & Editing Services (Book Trailers, Facebook video ads, Instagram video ads, YouTube video ads, etc.)


As the technology progressed, new trends took over the Internet, increasing opportunities and encouraging every newcomer to step forth to gain skills in the respective field.

Video creation and editing services have been a mania ever since marketing took over the world, as every latest product (it can be books, handheld electronics, services, and much more) need to make its way through the globe and reach maximum potential clients who are willing to purchase the products/services.

7 Ocean’s Marketing is a complete package for designing your perfect marketing strategy. May your business be local or multinational; we offer video creation services that are the ultimate solution to grow your business. Get connected with us and tell us your requirements and we ensure that you will be satisfied with our unique, yet high-quality video creation and editing service. Keeping a check on the diversity of our customers, we tend to achieve our wide set of goals because considering today, video creation and editing are omnipresent. Therefore, we assist our clients in establishing an efficient digital marketing strategy. Our end product is designed to make your connection stronger with your consumers, boost revenue, engage viewers and establish a potent brand.

Before moving further, let us consider some important factors about video creation and editing services, and what can you gain from the 7 Oceans Marketing team.


Why choose us?

  • You people can choose us on the behalf of very genuine services of our company.
  • We will provide you fast video marketing
  • Our services are cost-effective and will provide your business spokesperson with a business video at cheap rates.
  • We create a proven video intermediate that is more engaging with an advertisement of your video.
  • We provide the best quality videos for the advertisement to gain the attention of viewers and make the product or service popular.
  • We make user choice visuals for their satisfaction and ease.
  • We know digital marketing with effective online knowledge about all you need.
  • Our work is customer-focused.
  • Our videos and contents are less in price and best in quality.
  • Our priority is to deal in the best way with our clients and their work.
  • Employees are customer-friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.
  • Our website is also helpful for collecting information about our digital marketing team. They are working hard in the technical and digital world in which the maximum world is shifted on computers.
  • Our teamwork is very fast and genuine.
  • We have top talents for training and development that lead to career growth.
  • Especially in a covid situation, we are providing online services to all our clients according to their taste.

International dealing:

Our main goal is to capture international clients and businesses to maximize the potential of their job. Our digital marketing team is a group of content writers, digital designers, marketers, all international workers who work together on one platform because with multiple ideas we can achieve the perfect outcome. Our content is also meaningful as a client requirement. International areas are developed and best for growing business on an international level which is a success. Our team also targeted the competitors in the business environment of digital marketing which help us to improve our creation with others and make it a unique one for our clients to publish them on their social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are the most ongoing and popular social apps on which we all are doing our businesses and making money online.






Where can the videos are used?

The videos we create can be used by clients on their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business as well as on their business websites. Videos are moving all around the world for advertisement purposes. Users mostly recommend visual content as compared to reading because video content is meaningful with proper details which can see easily or it provides more information. It’s also an easy way for the people who are unable to read they can watch it easily. Videos are using all over the world with the help of digital marketing. We are providing the best services for brand and product promotions at a very low cost or the best quality.  We have fast and amazing edits in video creation. The 7ocean team has the best range of products. A lot of companies avail our video service. Clients are using our videos on my social accounts and getting satisfied remarks on them.



Why create a video?

Producing high-quality video is important not only because you can greatly grow your business, but you can also use your product. Video marketing is the best way of gaining the trust of customers and viewers. Videos can make fast money and profit for the brand. Promotional videos are the best example of advertisement of any product, industry, company, school, etc. When these videos are published on social apps viewers give more importance to watch them. More important thing is to make sure that the content of the video should be relevant to the topic or with a proper theme.

Create animated videos. Animation can bring to life ideas that no text or live video can make. Besides, boring headlines are not enough to break the ice. Animated videos are a perfect combination of fun, nostalgia, and simplicity. And they work. Animated videos have a neutral fan base it is liked by every age group. Video popularity is one of the most important driving forces for using video in your content advertising. Social networks also promote video content with their new features. Facebook Launches 3600 Video, Live Video, and Life stage (A Video-Centric App for Teenagers). Instagram has posted 60-Second videos & Instagram News, Twitter has Periscope. And YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world.


Features of video creation:

  • HD display
  • Clear background
  • Good sound quality
  • Simple editing
  • Best content creation
  • Avoid shaking footage
  • Zoom in/out
  • Trim, crop, filters, effects.
  • Add text
  • Font styles
  • Visual themes
  • Fast in saving video
  • Voice over
  • Video mixing
  • Transition modes etc.

Importance of Video Creation:

Video is now a requirement not a recommendation in every field. A video is a useful tool when it comes to helping potential consumers learn about the product. 94 percent of advertisers say that using video has helped them increase user understanding of a product or service. Common search terms can be a great way to find your business on the Google homepage. That’s because Google puts YouTube videos at the top of the search engine page. The motion picture kept us entertained for over a hundred years now. Today, however, check out any social media platform and you will find global brands, small businesses, and market-leading influencers all seeking attention with an eclectic mix of cutting-edge video content. Video has become one of the most important marketing channels available.

How videos are better than pictures/text?

Videos are better than pictures/text because our video covers detailing information about the actual product. 7 ocean marketing includes almost all details in the video. Pictures have less information and mostly visuals are preferred now a day. It creates space for you to build more authentic connections with your audience. And when those in the audience feel they know your product, they are more likely to buy from it and work with you.

Benefits of video creation:

  • For the growth of businesses, video marketing is an excellent way to connect with your target market and grow your product.
  • Viewers are more interested in videos.
  • Optimal videos are easily found on Google or any other search engine.
  • Video marketing is getting popular day by day.
  • Video content is growing fast, it should also be fun
  • When you upload content to YouTube, you can add links to videos and descriptions of your videos.
  • Fast way of promoting the brand by releasing treasures, and promos.
  • Videos can build engagement and relationships between your business and potential customers
  • Targeted video is essential to lead the growth and build a great open channel of communication between you and your customers.


Video editing importance:

Editing is an essential factor in videos for gaining the attraction of the audience towards the production. The purpose is just to combine the features for making an attractive video. Sound is also the main element in the video. Video communication is better than picture representation. Our color schemes are very intellectual. Our videos are not so long or very short they have a neutral duration which conveys the details and also not bored the viewer. These editing services by our 7 ocean marketing team:

  • Edit uploaded video
  • Transitions
  • Special effects for animation
  • Feedback
  • Add/split any clip
  • Text/ headlines /subtitles
  • Canvas for video size
  • Crop
  • Music and sound effects.
  • Alter the pace, mood, and style of the video.

Visit our website and avail of the services as soon as possible to grow your business perfectly and we provide you a platform to promote your business in different areas near and far. 7 ocean digital marketing is the best platform for filming videos for promotions and advertisements in the market.

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