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The digital environment is becoming increasingly competitive. It is therefore becoming more and more difficult to make your business known without some well written and search engine friendly content. Content Marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material. Such material could be videos, blogs, or social posts.

The content doesn’t necessarily directly promote the brand but can stimulate interest in its products/services. For example, a food delivery company could create and share recipes via social media. But this doesn’t actually advertise the company’s main service. However, the brand name would also be included in such posts, therefore building up a good awareness for the brand.

Public Relations (PR) is all about reputation. It’s the result of what you do, say, and also what others say about you. Every organisation, no matter what size, depends on its reputation for survival and success. PR is a sustained effort to build up and keep a good relationship and understanding between a business and the public.


Public Relations

PR management services to enhance your brand’s visibility and reach in the market.

Content Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop a clear content marketing strategy that will fit in within your SEO and digital strategy.

Content Syndication

Ensure your valuable content is distributed and shared with the right audience using the right channels (social media). There is already a lot of content available online, so make the most of it by curating it for topics around your core business and build authority.

The deeper you go into the digital marketing and content marketing world, the more fascinating options to expand your business you will find. Online businesses are all about creating and displaying content that grabs the attention of as many customers as possible. Content is all about promoting and marketing your online business. In online business dealings, you and customers are physically absent but virtually there. You speak about your business on a website or other digital media platforms via your content which becomes part of the content optimization system. So be very mindful of what you are saying with the help of your content.

Digital Marketing Strategies are evolving since its beginning. It is because of the changing dynamics of the algorithms of online businesses. One thing becomes a trend today will make a server saturated enough that people working on the backstage of business search engines would change or amend it, because everyone starts following the trend. That is why you would be hearing about the ever-changing and evolving trends and policies of dynamic content optimization. Developing simple and understandable content is one of the main branches of Digital Marketing. But putting some fancy phrases on your business webpage or social media handles is not enough. Now reaching out to masses and be seen by them through giant search engines is very important and to ensure the visibility of your business website on these search engines, the concept of Content Optimization has been introduced.

Remember that content and optimizations are two different things i-e SEO and Content Marketing joined together at the convenience of small and large businesses. Content is solely developed and displayed on the website and digital media platforms for customers while optimization is done to satisfy the criteria of search engine robots. A well-written and clearly defined content will help you attain more customers, retain the current customer base, and increase sales in the content marketing world. You can make a customer buy your product or avail your service just by displaying some great content. If you are lacking innovation in your content, then there are high chances of a visitor losing interest in your business. Website content should be able to get and increase the attention span of a visitor or customer. If there are grammatical mistakes in your website content or the purpose of your business is not conveyed through it then a visitor will leave your webpage within seconds. But if the content is well-drafted and put smartly to entice a visitor to buy the product then you are winning the content game.

Optimization of the content on the other hand is a bit technical and requires technical expertise. Adapting Optimization Strategy ensures the accessibility and visibility of your website content on search engines like Google etc. Content optimization involves relevant keywords and phrases which will rank your website on search engine robots. The whole process of content optimization involves optimizing your content to ensure its clear visibility through the web and providing digital content to the customers. Search Engines will only rank those websites which are optimized rather than non-optimized websites. These search engines gauge everything from content to HTML and backlink to make sure your content optimization is satisfying the criteria of overall optimization.

Why choose us for Content Optimization?

The 7 Oceans Marketing is a well-known name in providing all types of digital marketing services to our clients. We have established our name in content optimization strategies as well. So, whether you are new or already an established online business and want to optimize your business content then contact us today. We will be more than happy to serve you in the following fields of content optimization.

1. We have gathered highly skilled SEO experts who are learned and trained on every branch of Search Engine Optimization. Content Optimization is one of the branches of SEO that is gaining attention due to its inevitable importance. Our SEO professionals’ team includes content writers who are best at what they do. They will create and develop great content for your website and other digital marketing platforms which will increase the customers’ reach. Creative content has been proven to dramatically improve your chances of getting high SEO rankings. Our Content Writers understand how to write the digital content that is relatable to customers and your business; also, it should include a clear understanding of your business purposes.

2. Our experts lend their valuable opinions on updating your business content from time to time. In light of our well-defined content marketing services, they will guide you how to stay in the searches of Google Search Engine by creating new content. Search engines love to see new content coming. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to change the current content but updating your business content will keep your SEO ranking intact. By clearly defining your business purpose and updating your content will definitely attract more customers which will eventually lead them to make a purchase.

3. Optimizing the content is the real game here. Therefore, our SEO experts make sure that your overall content should have Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, and URLs. By considering and working on these areas you make a way to get your content noticed and eventually ranked by search engines.

4. Content Optimization isn’t about just written content it includes overall internet marketing optimization i-e optimizing images and videos as well. Having a website that is crowded with words only will be a big turn off for any visitor or customer. Your business website must include product images and those images need to be optimized. Our team of best SEO experts will optimize images of your products by adding alt tags which fulfill the purpose of Alternate Text; Image Tags that include words that show up while scrolling an image; Adjusting the size of the image to ensure smooth loading and view. Similarly, Video Optimization should be done. Our experts will optimize your business videos by adding Stunning Heading, eye-catching Graphics, Bold and Vibrant Colors to grab the customers’ attention.

5. Social Media has been proven a page-turner to online businesses. Use it for the best of your interest. Post your content like blogs and articles etc on Facebook and on other Social Media Handles. But don’t stop there and forget about it. In fact try to build a connection with your customers, interact with them, and ask them for feedback. Our SEO professionals will guide on how to stay active and use social media to boost your sales and SEO ranking by making you understand the social media optimization strategies that are trending in the market at the moment.


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What is content marketing PR?

PR is all about reaching out to the right people. PR pros create and maintain relationships with editors, journalists, and influencers. Content marketing is all about getting attention by telling awesome stories. When you create content that helps or entertains your audience, it gets shared and can even go viral.

Is PR part of content marketing?

That is, PR is the overarching practice of getting the right message to the right audience in the most effective manner, and content marketing is primarily a digital tactic — often used by PR practitioners — that focuses on developing and distributing content outside of traditional media channels

What is meant by content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Why does PR matter?

PR is the most cost-effective way to communicate to a broad audience. It’s just a matter of convincing this to clients and prospects. Especially in the era of the Global Village, an organization’s values are of utmost important to the public, and make up a bigger portion of its brand strength than ever.

What is an example of content marketing?

Content marketing includes things like educational articles, e-books, videos, entertainment, and webinars that answer specific questions people have and provide them with something they can’t get elsewhere. It’s the best way to turn your product, no matter how common, into something that is not like everyone else’s

What are the benefits of content marketing?

The Top 10 Benefits of Content Marketing
  • More on-site content. …
  • Higher visibility in search engines. …
  • Higher domain authority. …
  • More referral traffic. …
  • More social traffic (and followers!). …
  • Increased conversion potential. …
  • Improved brand reputation. …
  • Tighter customer/reader relationships.

What are the 3 benefits of marketing?

  • Marketing serves as a bridge between the customer and the seller of products and services.
  • Marketing makes buying easy for customers.
  • Marketing creates new and improved products at lower prices.
  • Utility.
  • The functions of marketing add value to a product.
  • Form Utility.

What are the characteristics of content marketing?

5 Key Characteristics of Successful Content Marketing:
  • Targeted Audience: As opposed to traditional advertising that may be more focused on marketing to new customers, content marketing mostly targets your current customers. …
  • Tell a Story: …
  • Provide Value: …
  • Create a Dialogue: …
  • Increase Profits:

What is the difference between content writing and content marketing?

The Difference

To sum it up, content writing is the execution of a content marketing idea by creating content to be used in web pages, blogs, social media, and other marketing collateral. Content marketing, on the other hand, is a holistic plan on ways to use content to generate leads and increase sales

What are the three pillars of online content marketing?

The three pillars of marketing are to engage, educate and empower people. If you are doing these things right, your business will grow.