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The online presence of your business is becoming inevitable. If you do not appear in online searches in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Maps then you are definitely losing the chance of getting the potential customers along with sales. Search Engine Optimization is becoming important for all businesses because people now look for products and services online via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. It is the digital world we are living in people wants to get everything with a click.

Apart from Search Engine Optimization, the Local Search Engine Optimization which is an extended branch of SEO is gaining extra attention from local businesses. People who are running local businesses are now making sure to get ranked in search engines like Google, Bing, and Maps, etc. For that, these local businesses looking for local SEO services providers. If you have a physical store where all the business activities are carried out then you have high chances of getting visibility in search engines.

When it comes to Local Search Engine Optimization, the Google search engine works on proximity principle. Although, the rest of the criteria and policies of getting ranked on search engines remain the same i-e finding and using target keywords for your webpage. Local SEO companies are now in demand because people are seeking local SEO for small businesses with affordable local SEO packages.

Through Local SEO, you are promoting your business via business search engines by paying to local SEO agencies. It won’t be wrong to state that Local SEO is mainly done for marketing and promoting your business. If you own a coffee shop and someone types coffee shops near me in Google search bar then Google will show your coffee shop in searches. Again the proximity principle applies here. Another thing that matters in Local SEO is the local map pack. This local map pack is shown in the standard Google organic searches. This enhances your chance as a local business to be seen in both Organic Google Searches and local map pack.

Google has the capability of senses users’ search behavior and understands what type of business people are seeking in their immediate area. That is one of the reasons the location of your business matters because Google takes your location into account when someone searches. Google can find a place for the searchers even if they haven’t mentioned a city name or ‘near me’ phrase in the search bar. Google has left this option open for people because you might be on a move and want to know the location of businesses based on your current location.

For instance, if you are in the office and you want to have pizza for lunch, you take out your cellphone, open Google and type Pizza Delivery/Pizza Outlets, Google will show a list of local pizza businesses near your office. But if you search the same Pizza Shops while being home, the results shown by Google would be altogether different. Therefore, Local Search Engine Optimization works on a different pattern that focuses on optimizing a website to be accessible in local search results.

Local Search Engine Optimization is the importance for various factors. There are many benefits of local SEO. People are usually looking for products and services near their vicinity; they find it convenient and cost-effective. Also, one of the reports of local SEO stats shows that 50% of people who searched a local store visited it within 24 hours. This implies that your chances of finding potential customers are high. 18% of people who did a mobile search went to make a purchase from a local store which means having a local SEO website gives a boost to your sales.

So, if you own a local business and have a website but still you haven’t opted for Local Optimization then 7 Oceans Marketing is giving you a chance of enjoying our top-class local SEO services with amazing local SEO pricing.

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1. Our local SEO specialists are here to deliver you the best local SEO services. They have all the knowledge about this particular branch of Search Engine Optimization and can give you the best solutions for your business website to be available in local searches of Google.

2. Local SEO focuses on local factors and our experts will analyze the entire essential and considerable local SEO checklist surrounding your business. They will develop keywords in such a way that matches well with the immediate surroundings of your business and searchers.

3. Just like organic Search Engine Optimization, the keyword game for local SEO is also strong. Target and relevant keywords are the term that will always pop-up when SEO would be discussed. In Local SEO, the keywords are more diverted and focused on local factors such as ‘café near me’ or it will carry a city name. Our local SEO consultant makes sure that you get the best target local keywords customized for your business requirements.

4. For service-oriented businesses, the target keywords change slightly. Our professionals know which cord to hit for such unique cases and get the most relevant target keywords for our clients so that their business keeps ongoing and their business keeps on popping-up in initial local searches.

5. Local SEO is not the same for all businesses. There are types of businesses such as brick-and-mortar, restaurant, service-related, catering or if you are a lawyer, etc, then you need to use the various keywords with a conversational tone. This is a bit technical but why to worry when our highly-skilled professionals are here to sort out this issue for you. Our SEO professional gets into the nuts and bolts of these businesses and generate best-suited target keywords for your website.

6. Content plays backbone in Search Engine Optimization. So be very mindful of what you are displaying on your website through your words. Many business websites lack quality content and hence lose potential customers and sales. When we talk of Local SEO, the content of your website has significant importance. Our team of experts includes talented content creators who will develop content for your website with a local approach, depth, and knowledge


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