Best Real Estate SMS & Whatsapp Marketing Services in Islamabad

Real Estate SMS & Whatsapp Marketing Services in Islamabad:

The abbreviation of SMS is Short Messaging Service.

SMS advertising is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes the use of text messages (SMS). These messages are primarily supposed to communicate time-touchy gives, updates, and alerts to human beings who have consented to receive these messages from your enterprise.

It is a multichannel virtual marketing approach that makes use of content material advertising gear together with websites, social media, mobile apps, and SMS/MMS (multimedia messaging provider) to send cellular ads to audiences.

SMS advertising and marketing (quick message carrier marketing) is a way that makes use of permission-primarily based text messaging to spread promotional messages.

To be more precise with digital marketing the conventional or traditional marketing is fading away.

The downfall of SMS Marketing:

To be extra specific with digital marketing the conventional or conventional advertising and marketing are fading away. People are extra open closer to adopting new methods of walking and marketing their groups.

It seemed because the trend of brief messaging service aka SMS has vanished away due to the unprecedented reputation of chatting apps. SMS turned into left for telecom businesses to let their clients understand approximately new offers or offers. Chatting and connecting thru SMS, but slowly and gradually things changed with smartphones.



Why choose SMS marketing?

You can choose it because of 

Permission-based SMS:

This makes your advertising lists extremely focused, as they consist of customers who plan on patronizing your enterprise, commonly on an everyday foundation.

Mass verbal tool:

Just about anybody owns a cellular smartphone. It’s extra than probable that every one of those phones can receive texts. SMS marketing permits you to touch base with subscribers at the clicking of a button.


Text messages are sent and acquired in a count number of seconds. Think about how powerful that is alone. It lets you manipulate the exact time and date that clients study your promotions.


It allows you to without problems degrees which messages are running and which of them are not. This facilitates you constantly enhance your textual content campaigns and advertising messages on all other promotional retailers.

Importance of SMS marketing:

Almost every business is aware of the significance and convenience of SMS. It is simple, fee-effective, and reaches hundreds inside no time. Now there are many SMS advertising software programs (s) that are assisting many agencies in reaching out to their customers and customers through it.

SMS marketing way is important because nowadays people liked limited content. We can run a small business or advertise them easily by SMS service.

Marketing on a small level of advertisement way is more attractive than the wide ones. Most of the people liked to see only short updates regarding something new.

Mobile network services widely use SMS marketing service and they are still in their old position n no one gets bored of it. It’s just a little bit old version but still in use and most apps are using SMS platform form verification messages.



7 ocean SMS marketing services:

SMS is the best alternative of advertisement when you have no internet so we can forward the particular ad details through SMS service.

By looking at the usage of SMS dispatched utilizing organizations for promotional purposes indicates that one way or the other SMS continues to be in the sport. That is what clicked with most of the businesses these days.

As human beings grow to be extra connected to their telephones. Textual content messages end up the most direct line of touch. This has made textual content message advertising, or SMS advertising and marketing, one of the best styles of communicating with clients when done correctly.

Our team is using some of the SMS software. Here is an easy guide for u.

SMS marketing software:

Market Makers:

Marketplace makers are excessive-volume buyers that actually “make a market” for securities by using usually standing on the prepared to buy or sell. Their earnings at the bid-ask unfold and they benefit the marketplace via including liquidity.

The best thing is that they are reliable and cost-effective.

You could ship as many messages as you need for your customer base in one click. Marketplace makers offer the exceptional SMS tool that may be satisfactorily used for SMS advertising and marketing, sending a greeting, promotional purposes, income advertising, sending event reminders, and much greater.

Media Burst:

Another remarkable SMS advertising and marketing software issuer present inside the marketplace is media burst. They don’t handiest offer tools for SMS advertising however FB advertising is properly. They offer bulk SMS advertising and marketing in Pakistan with a long number listing on cheap costs. They invent knowledge of commercial enterprise and types thru SMS as cited in advance that SMS advertising is favored of people these days.

They ship 50,000 SMS in line with day. Your SMS may be in bulk or maybe branded depending on the enterprise you are in.

This software service is available by supermarkets, financial institutions, and the government sector.


Biz SMS:

Our company is working with them that’s why there is little bit guide about software.

Biz SMS software is also providing interesting services.

They have got customers to encompass menu, truly Sufi, unworthy, and lots of greater. They offer delivery on all networks in Pakistan without hidden charges. Their comprehensive campaign control tool enables you in connecting with customers in the quality possible manner. The software they provide has included API.

They offer a company-branded SMS tool that consists of your corporation’s call in every SMS sent to the clients. In addition, they provide short code SMS which permits manner SMS communiqué.

Their specific feature is API integration which enables their clients to integrate commercial enterprise SMS with another database or server to ship SMS routinely.

They provide their services to the banking area, health region, academic institutes, retailers, and massive agencies to live connected to their customers, customers, and employees.

Life Time SMS:

The lifetime SMS is another player within the market with only a distinctive character and this is voice SMS. Sure with all the same old services an SMS advertising device gives the lifestyles time SMS affords voice SMS to the customers who need it for their groups.

Their software program offers quick code messaging broadly utilized in the banking sector with branded SMS advertising that’s utilized by large manufacturers for promotional and sales purposes and non-branded SMS advertising at low-priced prices. Additionally, voice SMS, android app, and reseller portal are greater offerings supplied by using existence time SMS.

The lifestyles time SMS gives branded SMS, organization SMS, Ufone branded SMS, mass textual content messaging, SMS gateway server, bulk SMS offerings, SMS API, and lots of more in Pakistan.

Whatsapp Marketing Services:

After SMS service here is the advanced app for marketing service which is a combination of all SMS software. Whatsapp is the most using app now a days and it also gets updated day by day. Whatsapp is sincerely exceptional and one of the quickest growing informing systems which have ever existed. With thousands and thousands of users internationally this software offers several benefits to all of its customers everywhere in the globe.

Whatsapp services and features:

  • Text messages send/ receive
  • Delete / delete message for all.
  • Audio or video call.
  • Send pictures and videos
  • We can easily share all types of documents and also easy to share contact through Whatsapp.
  • Users can also communicate through voice messages.
  • Whatsapp new service is ready to use chat wallpapers with different themes
  • Provide secure privacy setup.
  • Mute messages
  • The best one is group meetings that can be on video or as well as on audio.
  • User-friendly environment of the app.
  • Theme of dark and light mode.
  • Whatsapp QR code helps u to use Whatsapp on a laptop or computer by scanning that code.
  • Status is the most useful marketing strategy or advertising the business through it. Now a day’s most companies provide Whatsapp numbers on their website for contact.
  • Font styles in Urdu and English.
  • Our marketing team also connects through Whatsapp with our customers.


Companies are working on more development; according to recent research, India launched its new feature of payment method through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp also launched two more versions which include, business and GB versions.

Whatsapp business:

Whatsapp enterprise allows businesses to securely and securely message their clients immediately inside the Whatsapp messaging platform. One benefit over SMS is that Whatsapp is tied without delay to a single phone range and provides a branded business profile in preference to a string of digits.

GB Whatsapp:

Gb Whatsapp is a duplicate messenger app, very just like the well-known Whatsapp. Similarly to operating identically, it permits get right of entry to contacts, even those who do now not have the app connection

Benefits of Whatsapp marketing:

  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost national or international messaging
  • It works on any smartphone.
  • Offers unlimited messaging
  • There are no ads in this app
  • Fast downloading speed.
  • Provide real-time customer support.
  • Highly engaged digital channel in a digital marketing environment.











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