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Shopify Store Creation Services:

SEO (search engine optimization):

We have an SEO Shopify guide because Shopify is a feature or a part of SEO. We teach the effectiveness of search engines and web statistics in the UK. As a business that makes search engines in the UK, 7 Oceans marketing will bring out speculation on a complex process. You may be responsible for your search engine optimization results and return to the performance of your company. Some of the key points include:

You can easily optimize your Shopify store.

Users can improve their experiences

Target the unique keyword research

High ranking with content marketing

Use best Shopify and SEO tools and applications.

Shopify store:

Shopify store is software that provides an online platform to every person to set up their work to sell their products. And start their business according to their skills. Shopify store is also sold in physical locations.

On the platform of Shopify to start the business easily we just have to follow the following steps:

  • Create customize online store.
  • Explore the Shopify admin screen. 
  • Choose the customize theme of your online store. 
  • Add your product.
  • Configure the settings related to payments etc.
  • Test your final results. 
  • Add a custom domain name.

For beginners:

Shopify store is the best platform for initials starting at low cost and it has a user-friendly interface from which we can promote, sell and ship our products. Important is just to do the work with a present mind. It has an all-billing system of sending and receiving the shipments. Beginners can also take the guide from the website regarding store creation and how to process all steps of it. The environment of our Shopify site is very easy to use it has step-by-step guidance for those who are new customers. Avail our store services it provides you best and quality environment for startup your business and grow it day by day with development in-store or in your work. It’s an e-commerce site that’s why it takes time to get popular so we guide you with the tips which help you to grow your business very fast and different from other online businesses.

Shopify interface & setup:

7 ocean digital marketing is mainly focused on the Shopify store and its services to help our customers to build an online store for an online job. It is an e-commerce store. The most popular online store because of its functionality and simple user-friendly interface. A lot of multinational brands prefer this platform to grow their business financially. Another is a cloud-based app that is easily working on our daily use devices. Our team is doing hard work on this platform.

Steps to make Shopify store faster/ or make money:

Remove the non-using apps.

Avoid the usage of the slider.

Try to use user-friendly themes, which access quick.

Use small optimal images.

Offer great customer services

Research as you can relate to the product or marketing.

Share the short coverage of your store on different social apps to get an audience for buying the product.

We provide you strong financial opportunities in your store.

Always be responsive to the customers and acknowledge their issues or encourage their efforts.

If you or your business has used your social media marketing and you want to turn these social channels into revenue streams, then selling on Instagram and Shopify could be a great way to earn some revenue.

7 ocean marketing main focus (Shopify):

  • Keyword research:
  • In SEO (search engine optimization) keyword research plays an important role. It helps us to discover words and phrases which is the most important part of blogging content, videos, web pages. In search engine optimization for getting the best results, we have to conduct keyword research accurately. We can use different tools for keyword research.
  • Keyword research tool:

There is a lot of keyword research tools are working there to optimize the results. Keyword research tool makes your content unique than the common one.

This helps you get the content that your customers want. You can then edit your content strategy to cover those topics in your blog posts and landing pages.

Keyword research tools also help you identify seed keywords and long keywords when your competitors are ranked high. You can then upgrade your content to identify those keywords and steal their traffic. Some popular tools are:


It is the most useful keyword research tool. This tool is very helpful through its interface.

When we write any keyword in the search bar then it will display the whole list of suggestions related to this keyword. It also shows ranking keywords which are on the competition level. With these ranking words, we can create or change our content.

Google’s keyword planner:

This tool is also very popular in keyword research. It searches relevant keywords related to business. It also provides the feature of insight which shows the whole progress of the tool according to days, week and months. Through bid estimate to determines the advertising budget.

We can get access to it by Google ads.

  • Advancement:

Shopify plus is one step advanced than Shopify.


Reliable for large-scale working

Business at enterprise-level

Fast in gaining merchants to build the e-commerce platform

Less expensive

Merchants get benefits from a lot of visitors and sales.


Unique tools

Uptime more than 99%

Endless transactions

Ultimate bandwidth above 10,000 checkouts per minute

4 million hits per second

40 plus migrating tools

  • Shopify store services by 7 Ocean Marketing:

Our team provides the best support to customers/ clients.

We provide 24-hour customer service and help at our website or through mobile phones.

Shopify experts are full-time available for client help on all communication channels.

We provide paid and also free landing page templates for our users.

There are also proper guideline tutorials for viewers and members of Shopify on our


For growing our business and implementing new marketing ideas, users can easily use

Statistics of their store, targeted email marketing, discount packages, wish cards all are easily found on Shopify.

Our experts are full time ready to provide you the consultation and services development to create a customized online store for starting your own business.

Our Shopify store also provides proper security to senders (sellers) and receivers (buyers).

  • 7 ocean Shopify store structure/overview:

Before using Shopify users must have their store by logging in and after fulfilling the required field any one of you is allowed to use your store for your purpose.

Our Shopify store contains categories on the home page and these categories have sub-categories with the products and their all details. User can also easily log out if don’t want to save the password. We provide this store service for our customer’s online job issues.If someone wants some extra level design this person can buy our paid theme also which have some advance feature than free ones. 

  • Benefits of Shopify Store Services:

Well organized consumer supervision:

Our Shopify store remains in process 24-hours. Also, the help center is available all day. The consumer can easily connect with us on having any kind of issue while using the store. In case of any technical issue, we provided the text documentation and also video tutorials for visitors’ support.

Combination of apps:

The Shopify manager can easily combine different apps that allow them to add or remove extra functionalities and features to the store to increase its quality or making their store more attractive for buyers. Our store is a self-hosted platform that is an open choice for every user or visitor.

Particular Aesthetics:

  • Our Shopify is also very popular due to its built-in features for urgent use to design a store. These all features are allowed by the owner of our store. We provided some free-of-cost or paid templates on our Shopify site so that customers can easily design the store according to their taste or according to their business. Customers can easily try our templates which are for UX and UI developers and interface designers. Landing pages can also be designed by using built-in templates in a better way.
  • Security Purposes:

Our team is responsible for the protection of our sellers, buyers, customers, users, visitors who provide their personal information while signing in. We are properly concerned with the privacy of our consumers for their flexibility or relaxation in their work. Our 7 ocean marketing team is all-time active for customer’s issues and they solved the issues very quickly. It’s all our responsibility to handle any problem regarding the privacy issue of store or customer. We provide privacy settings for customers to protect their information from external misusers of the internet. Our help centers are active responsive all day.

  • Content Marketing on Shopify:

We started content marketing related to the products selling in the store. Make sure to add the proper description of every product for the knowledge of buyers. Also proper rates of the product. Special offers for events. Categorized the pages on stores according to the products and uploaded products with descriptions in a category. This strategy is easy to use for every viewer of the website.











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