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Listing, content creation, and optimization is the process that is usually neglected by private label marketers. It is very common to find listings on many websites that have limited content or no content at all and are usually improperly optimized. This may be fine if you are presenting large brand products where people are frequently seeking your products. Many companies have been using written content for a very long to attract buyers via written media such as pamphlets, magazines, flyers, and newspapers, etc. But nowadays in the world of digital marketing brings up even more possibilities to correlate with potential buyers, and the research for a consistent flow of fresh and innovative content is much higher than in the past.

Original and authentic content is the solution to acquiring a targeted web audience to your site. Our team of 7 Ocean Marketing Agency will work with you to provide efficient product listing and implement unique content that will be SEO optimized for your site. We can also provide content that keeps shoppers coming back to your brands and products such as targeted audience engagement campaigns, engaging and illuminating blog posts, patterned social media posts, and so on. We believe that text is not just about getting a purchase. We want to support you to create a bond that connects potential clients to your company in the most compelling ways through our listing products, content creation, and content optimization services.


Product Listing

Product listing services of 7 Ocean Marketing agency, will create a listing that will attract both your website and its customers. Our expert agency’s listing copywriters creates accurately crafted compelling content, employing sales-inducing language to make sure many of your considered buyers are turned into sales. We then consolidate the most influential and sales-driving keywords to maximize visibility and exchanges. Some essential services that we provide while listing your products.


  1. i) Reviewing the Products

During this process, we give special attention to both the positive and negative reviews of your products. These can be great in providing standards to your website and to what your buyers actually use when considering your product. For each of your competitors, we make a note of particular negative reviews. Particularly if the main cause for the complaint was something that has been made right in our product


  1. ii) Listing the Features and Benefits of Your product

There is a well-defined distinction between features and benefits. Most people will infrequently buy a product considering the features, but in place of, they buy products based on the benefits. A feature is something that indicates that your product or service includes these particular things. The benefits on the other hand are the outcomes or results of using your product.

We experts use this pattern to list various product features along with their corresponding benefits. These can then be used synchronically to form Feature – Benefit reports which give a really pleasant representation of any brand’s products.


iii) Creates Titles For Your Products

When it comes to creating a title for your products that depends on in what category you are placing your products. So to create effective and charming titles we recommend keeping them relatively short and in the following form.

  • The brand name will be added first
  • After that product name
  • And then some product Benefit


  1. iv) Making of 5 Bullet Points and Product Specification

We then add five of the best Feature – Benefitin statements of your product that we have written and use these for the bullet points. The rest is about the material is used in your product will be drafted in the product description.

This enables us to add our title, bullets, and description in an ordered way. We then take into consideration the words that are not yet used and will try to add them into the bullet points and the description. Our sole purpose is to create your product’s listing in such a way that it is capable to read well and not just be filled with keywords. We keep doing this until all our single words are used in the listing. So this is the actual way in which we create the listing for your brands and products to make it worth selling.


Content Creation

If you want to do web-based business you will definitely need a reliable SEO content creation strategy that assists your company website to bring in current leads, enhance brand awareness and make more sales. There are more than enough potential consumers in the area who may need your products and services and are willing to buy from you, but there is just one problem which is that they are unaware of your company.

But you don’t have to worry. We are here to provide you the best services for your business to reach its deserving success. Our experts are proficient in writing unique keywords which is one of the greatest approaches to promote your website in the search engines. You can also give us your own unique keywords. Either way, we can turn around exceptionally polished content for you to integrate into your website.

Our specialists may also use your existing keyword strategy and integrate targeted keywords into your existing content. They will serve you to create a listing of magnetically appropriate keywords and then include those keywords into your current content in a creative way. Our team will work with you to decide the standards of content you need to reach your principal goals, whether you necessitate to increase local brand awareness, enhance your reliability in the business, require more potential clients, or just increase sales.


Content Optimization

Content optimization is the process of optimizing a piece of content such as an article, blog post, product/service page, or any other part of web content. Content optimization can be done efficiently with SEO’s best practices and the overall administrative SEO strategies of a website to obtain upgraded performance.

For this determination, we provide well-written and highly optimized content optimization services that help visitants to understand the value of your company’s offerings. We can fine-tune your existing content to help you boost your organic search proximity, entice fresh audiences, and bring new clients to your site who will engage with your business which can be advantageous for your sales to be increased.


Why Our Services Are Best Option

7 Ocean Marketing Agency has come up with reliable conformity to organize, optimize, and execute your product listing  The rest is a pure mixture of high-quality copywriting, proper product keywords, and sales promoting languages. This strategy of copywriting has been determined to increase trade, exchange rate, traffic, and organic ranking on the marking place.


  1. a) We will Admire to Display Your Products

Our fundamental faith is to proffer a First-class customer experience and build a productive relationship with our customers. When you hire us to get your listings optimized, our experts will have a responsive call with you to understand your business and get an overview. We will understand your necessities, expectations, and will be free to discuss any queries you may have.


  1. b) Business Research

After your first visit to our services, all you need to do is rest back and let our professionals do the rest. We will commence by examining the business you are in and identifying your topmost contenders who are selling the same or varying types of products along with you. This is where our services dig down to get Functional and competing insights that can benefit us undertake the technical features of the listing and optimizing your products.


  1. c) Experience and Expertise in the Field

.Employing our experience and expertise in the profession, we design a plan to prepare the script for you, which is in line with our agency’s SEO algorithms. We are speaking about keyword-rich product titles and bullet points that suit your brand or product in the Bestway.

  1. d) Large-scale Photogrammetry Inputs

We also do product photography for the more conventional representation of your products. we will absolutely do our very best to provide you a precise review of how your product images look in contrast to the other retailers. We will assist you to understand how can enhance your photographs to guarantee maximum visibility and conversions.


Some Reasons You should join us

  1. a) All Device Friendly

While our companions are just focused on creating different product listings for desktop users, we presently, walk a step further to create content optimizations and product listing that is correspondingly compatible with mobile users.


  1. b) Certified Optimization Experts

Your listing will be created by a team of certified product Optimizing SEO specialists who will have several years of expertise in creating successful, appealing, Profitable, and interchangeable product listings.


  1. c) Diverse Facilities

Our dedicated team of  Listing Experts will serve every individual seller or brand, with their intense deliberations. Whether you desire to optimize for a new brand launch or aspire to increase sales of your already-listed products, then you are at the right place.

Public Relations

PR management services to enhance your brand’s visibility and reach in the market.

Content Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop a clear content marketing strategy that will fit in within your SEO and digital strategy.

Content Syndication

Ensure your valuable content is distributed and shared with the right audience using the right channels (social media). There is already a lot of content available online, so make the most of it by curating it for topics around your core business and build authority.


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