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Search Engine Optimization

The first search engine was created in 1990, and Google was later registered in 1997. The early search engines were designed to make it easier to find information by sorting results based on their web page content.

In the early days, all a page owner had to do was repeatedly include the same keywords in their webpage in order to rank highly on search results. And there was the famous keywords tag to show what o n the page Since then, search engines have built increasingly complex algorithms. These ensure the best quality, most relevant, and trustworthy sites rank most highly.

at 7 oceans marketing, we understand what the search engine history is and how it is evolving. So we are aware of modern SEO techniques.

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Best Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Services

The aim of SEO is to improve your website’s ranking in the search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo for your target keywords. Target keywords are words and phrases that your clients are actually searching for. Improving rankings for these searches will lead to traffic and conversions (phone-calls, online purchases etc).

7 oceans marketing as the years of experience to understand what it really takes to rank our websites. we have a team of professional that will guide you on each step to grow your sales.

The SEO Working Structure

Google is focused on providing the best relevant content to its clients in light of this fact we always provide the best quality content to gain the highest ranking for the green and ongoing website traffic which leads

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization requires technical knowledge to understand where the website currently stands and what it is missing. On-page SEO means optimizing the websites adding unique content enriched with keywords. Google loves error-free website and that is our on page primary goal.

  • Meta Data – title, description and keyword tags. Header tags, anchor text, link titles, Alt tags and image titles.
  • Website content – copy, formatting, internal linking, layout.
  • Technical elements – URL structure, canonicalisation, mobile friendliness, site speed.
  • Website navigation & architecture
  • Website usability for SEO – Calls to action, breadcrumb trails, links, sitemaps.
  • Content marketing strategy

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is the set of practices that we perform outside the website by creating backlinks and other sharing practices to increase the ranking of the websites and make the search engines realize the people are discussing your website


  • Link popularity analysis – backlinks and referring domains
  • Online footprint – how visible is your website, authority
  • Link building strategy – guest posts, influencer outreach
  • Social presence and content syndication

People want to be noted for the work they do and therefore, they pay extra attention to bring their businesses into the limelight. In digital marketing Search Engine Optimization matters the most and therefore local SEO services are availed by many big and small businesses. Search Engine Optimization means ranking your website on Search Engines especially on Google. The competition is cut-throat in the digital marketing world because every kind of business wants to be ranked on a gigantic search engine Google. Every business thrives that their website should be ranked and seen on the first search page of Google. To fulfill your SEO requirements the 7 Oceans Marketing offers affordable SEO services for small business and big businesses alike.

Initially, the search engines would sort out results of information based on the web page content but now the game of SEO is evolving rapidly. Search Engine Optimization work on the principle of finding and using relevant keywords in your webpage content. Before introducing the policy of complex algorithms, the search engines would rank pages with famous and repeatedly used keywords. This was very easy and convenient to use relevant keyword in your webpage content again and again. This scenario was making it difficult for search engines to rank relevant and informative pages on their sites and hence these search engines came up with more strict and complex policy of getting ranked. Now it is due to these strict policies of search engines that we find and see most relevant and trustworthy sites on them.

Google isknown for making guidelines for business SEO services providers because it is widely used search engine in the world. Google does not compromise on quality and authenticity of the webpage content and that is why only trustworthy and quality webpages are ranked high on their site.

Search Engine Optimization ensures to improve the ranking of your website in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo for the target keywords. To stay in the market many businesses buy SEO services which help them in generating the target keywords. The game of targeted keywords should be strong for your website to be reachable to your clients in these search engines. Target Keywords are a bridge between your business and your clients because this is what they are looking for. Once you select and hit the right keywords for your webpage, you enhance your chances of improving the rankings and that is when you will start getting leads that will generate traffic and conversions.

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Our experience professionals are well-informed about Search Engine Optimization and how SEO plays the role of the backbone in ranking your website despite tough competition.

Why Us?

Our Digital Marketing Agency 7 Oceans Marketing has repute in providing Organic SEO Services to our clients.

1. Content and Keywords matter in Search Engine Optimization. This is how SEO works. Our Search Engine Optimization experts has crafted first-class SEO service packages that instill providing your business website with quality content in order to get high rankings on different  search engines but mainly on Google. We will help your business in generating quality traffic by formatting, designing layout and internal linking for your website content.

2. Our SEO experts have full knowledge about On-Page Optimization and provide amazing on page SEO services. It is a quite technical area regarding Search Engine Optimization because it gives a clear picture about the standing of business websites on search engines such as Google. Also, On-Page Optimization required adding unique and creative content enriched with relevant and targeted keywords. We offer our expertise in On-Page Optimization to keep on improving the ranking of your website.

3. Google is known for providing relevant and fool-proof websites to its clients. Considering this fact, our experts have made it their primary goal to provide our clients with target keywords, so their websites get ranked easily on Google Search Engine.

4. We offer enterprise SEO services to develop MetaData for our clients which include; Title, Description, Keywords Tags, Headers Tags, Anchor Text, Link Titles, Alt Tags, and Image Titles.

5. We will take care of technical elements such as URL Structure, Canonicalization, Mobile Friendliness and Site Speed while providing you our topnotch services. Our Mobile SEO Services inculcate the compatibility of target keywords on your webpage on smartphones, so the traffic keeps on coming to website. Because people spend more and more time on mobile phones and find it convenient to search products and services by using their smartphones.

6. Our skilled team will develop easy-to-navigate website and website usability for SEO which includes Call to Action, Breadcrumb Trails, Links and Sitemaps.

7. We believe in quality and creative content and therefore our experts have designed the best content marketing strategy that resonates well with every type of business be it small or big. Creative and smart content guarantees your chances of getting high ranks on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

8. Off-Page Optimization is performed outside the website by creating backlinks which help you take the ranking of your website upward. The sharing practices are used to make sure that search engines pick the hint that your website is being discussed by people. In this regard, we have been providing world-class off-site SEO services. Our SEO experts do a thorough Link Popularity Analysis by checking backlinks and referring domains, Online Footprint which shows the visibility of a website, Link Building Strategy such as having a look at guest posts, influencer outreach, and Social Presence and Content Syndication.

9. Local SEO services pricing might be heavy for small businesses but we believe in bringing these small businesses into real digital marketing game. For that, we give affordable small business SEO services to our clients.

10. We at 7 Oceans Marketing understand the standards of world-wide SEO services and therefore, we have left no stone unturned to meet and provide Global SEO Services to our clients.


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