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Mobile phone usage has skyrocketed in the last couple of years after the accessibility of smartphones has been made easy for masses. Most people around the world especially youngsterss spend more and more time on mobile phones than any other gadget. It is because mobile phones especially smartphones are made user-friendly and internet availability has made everything reachable with just a click. It is said that 76% of consumers do online shopping on a mobile phones and in the near future, the number of these consumers is anticipated to increase.

This is positively overwhelming for online businesses because they will have more and more customers and clients making purchases via mobile phones. To make it happen, all the online business owners are required to make their website mobile-friendly. In technical terms, all the online businessmen/women are needed to adapt Mobile SEO Strategy. Mobile Search Engine Optimization is known as the future of the digital marketing world. People like to spend time searching for different products and services on mobile and tablets leaving behind the usage of desktops and laptops. Companies are now realizing the worth of Mobile SEO and therefore they are consulting Mobile SEO provider agencies.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is a process of making your business website compatible with mobile search. Generally, it is simply making your website mobile-user-friendly. Although, it isn’t as simple as it sounds because it involves rendering the images of the website to fit the screen size of the mobile devices, improving access to the website, and content visibility but once you adapt Mobile SEO strategy, you will definitely be enjoying the fruits it bears. Nowadays, everyone on social media looks for a website of the online business page. If they find the website link and it doesn’t open on mobile, it leaves a bad impression of your overall business. People take the presence of website and especially mobile compatible website as a sign of authenticity of the business. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is inescapable.

Optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly can earn you more and more mobile traffic. It will generate more leads to your website hence increasing the chances of making sales. If a customer has a positive mobile website experience, he/she will definitely come back and revisit your website again bringing traffic to your website. Mobile Search Engine Optimization focuses on On-Page Optimization to develop website worthiness in mobile searches. It also focuses on creating an easy-to-navigate experience for mobile-users without manual resizing.

Many companies owning online businesses whether new or established are now coming towards adapting Mobile SEO techniques to give a boost to traffic, leads and sales altogether. For this purpose, they are availing mobile SEO services available in the market.

Our digital marketing agency 7 Oceans Marketing is a well-known Mobile SEO Company that is serving the best of the Mobile SEO services.

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1. We have great minds of SEO experts that fathoms the brass tacks associated with Mobile Search Engine Optimization. The important thing is optimizing your website to mobile is that it should not lag in loading. Our Experts will create a Mobile SEO page that will load fast and easy. Delays in loading a webpage can spike the chances of losing potential customers.

2. Mobile searches are usually and mostly used for Local SEO purposes. People use mobile searches mostly for terms like ‘places near me’ or ‘businesses in my location’, and ‘open now’, etc. Thus, the game of relevant keywords is strong here but making sure that local keywords are placed in the right place in local searches is part of our Mobile SEO Checklist.

3. Responsive Designing of a mobile-friendly website is an integral part of Mobile Search Engine Optimization. This implies that your business website adapts to all devices including mobiles, smartphones and tablets, etc., by using responsive design. Our SEO professionals will make sure that your Mobile SEO strategy integrates responsive designs.

4. Call to Action is another very critical point in doing Mobile Search Engine Optimization. Our Skillful experts will ensure that your CTAs stand out on your webpage and easy to find and visible to the audience. The CTAs should be big and visible enough to be clicked easily by visitors and our team knows its importance very well.

5. Designing a website for mobile-user-friendly experience one should be mindful of its easy scrolling. Our team of SEO specialists will design your mobile website in a way that mobile users would be able to scroll it easily and click on products conveniently. This whole process is known and thumb-friendly mobile site design.

6. Since, mobile screens are small compared to laptops, therefore, making sure that the font size of the content available on the website is readable for a mobile site as well. We have a team of competent SEO pros who will adjust the font size of the website which is accessible and readable for mobile users.

7. Your Mobile SEO must follow a responsive Web Design. This means that no matter which devices a user browse your website it must be having the same URLs and HTML. The part of Mobile SEO is a bit technical but our highly-trained SEO team will ensure that your website URLs and HTML are same and serving the purpose of Mobile SEO.

8. Optimizing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are an essential part of Mobile Search Engine Optimization. You simply can’t optimize your mobile site if you skip this part. Our team of specialists will generate Title Tags and Meta Description in the best of your favor. We understand that a mobile user wants everything to be done fast hence they will use Title Tags and Meta Description to decide whether they should click on the link and products or not.

9. Creating a separate Mobile URL stemming from the original website allows you to see how many leads to your website are generated through mobile-only. Separate mobile URL means having a parallel site. Our Mobile SEO specialists will create a separate mobile URL so that you can analyze the leads data and can use it in the best of your favor.


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