How to use LinkedIn for lead generation
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LinkedIn is one of the top priorities of all enterprises for lead generation. But you must be wondering why use LinkedIn lead generation when there are several other ways to accomplish the same. LinkedIn is known for B2B lead generation, so a large fraction of those leads come from the LinkedIn platform. B2B refers to the interaction between different businesses, be them a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer. If you use LinkedIn only for professional networking or career opportunities, then you need to re-consider the way you use this site. LinkedIn is one of the most useful resources that connect different agents in a business community enabling them to close deals they want.

LinkedIn is different from other social networks in that it has a dedicated purpose of promoting professional networking and helping people access relevant career opportunities. LinkedIn is not just a platform for job holding professionals, but it has yielded productive results for business-owners too. This blog will help you understand different ways you can generate leads for your business with LinkedIn.

Promote your brand on LinkedIn

Streamline your profile for LinkedIn lead generation. You can make your profile more compelling by aptly highlighting your strengths, customizing your headline, and summary. Your last job shows as headline on your LinkedIn. For that purpose, you should know how to reasonably write the summary and headline on your LinkedIn profile. You should also check your rating on the Social Selling Index on LinkedIn.  With this tool, you can gain insight into the ways you can improve your LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn

Connect with your previous and recent contacts, to foster long-term contacts. It is a convenient platform to communicate with your target audience.  You can ask your previous clients about their projects and offer your services.

LinkedIn groups for networking

Groups are pivotal for your brand. These groups also help you stay updated with your industry and encourage your participation in conversations. In this way, you learn about the potential problems and recurring issues where your input can prove to be helpful.

Content marketing in LinkedIn groups

You can use content marketing to increase your credibility and trust with clients. By sharing your content in the relevant groups, you build your brand and increase its recognition. This content may include links to the posts of your blogs and articles, invitations to webinars and the posts that mention about you. You should stay updated with the functioning of your group, without dominating it. No matter what you sell, you can use content marketing to help your clients solve their problems.

Offer consultancy on LinkedIn

You can help your clients by consulting them on group discussion boards in LinkedIn. By answering some of your clients every day, you are sure to increase your leads. In this way, you strengthen your brand and connect with those clients.

Learn about clients

Just as the other social networks, LinkedIn also has an extensive database of users, so you learn about your clients and their interests to craft relevant solutions with your service.

You can avoid cold calling your clients

The specialty of social media marketing (SMM) and leads generation on LinkedIn is also that it helps to overcome the shortcomings of outbound marketing. It is always better to send direct messages on LinkedIn than by email as the former is particularly adapted and used for professional networking. You learn about your clients and that make connections accordingly. In this way, you do not waste time of individuals who do not have relevance with your service.

Refine your search with advanced filters

With the new LinkedIn Premium, you can narrow down your search on the platform with more pertinent keywords. By using the various filters of the Advanced Search function on LinkedIn you can form the most applicable connections This feature filters information based on location, function, size of the group and level of seniority. Along with this feature, you can always use the InMail tool to write back to your clients and network with them.

Start your own group on LinkedIn

Reinforce your validity in your business by starting your very own group on LinkedIn.  When you start your own group on LinkedIn, you control and supervise the modalities of its function. By learning about your clients in your group, you come up with effective solutions. So, this makes you stand out as a leader and you leverage that to solve problems and make a difference.

Update Your Following About Your Business

Just like other social networks, you can also update about your business to your clients with LinkedIn. So, you can make use of this channel to post about your services, to create brand awareness. Your posts can also be about any problems and concerns of your clients or anything that could generally interest them.

Automate Your Lead Generation

Several automation tools help you automate your leads on LinkedIn. These tools automate the process of sending requests and generate you analytics regarding the lead activity. Here you can find the LinkedIn tools with which you can generate leads on autopilot.

So, you can use LinkedIn to circulate your content, partake in groups with different interests, learn about your clients, identify, and solve new problems. This channel is different in that it is particularly adapted for professional networking.


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